G-Trust3: USBsec

G-Trust3: – industry leading tri-factor authentication

G-Trust3 (G-T3) is one of the most advanced fingerprint flash memory products on the market. The unparalleled combination of secure storage with unique software delivers absolute portability, security and privacy. With the help of G-T3 the user is able to carry his ‘Digital World’ while ensuring absolute protection and ease of access to the stored data.

G-T3 is built around extremely smart technological solutions in the field of biometrics, encryption, secure storage, remote access and data management.  It has been designed to be easy to set-up, use and manage and is both robust and reliable.  When combined with the savings it offers over traditional token based solutions and the security it provides your corporate data, G-T3 ensures your business a compelling ROI.

The unique combination of functionality and convenience make it a “must-have” tool for any organization who values the security of their networks and their employees/partners who access them.  Key features include:

  • True automatic passwords management
  • Military strength encryption (FIPS-197)
  • Contacts management
  • Virtual Private Network Connection management
  • Remote Desktop Connection management
  • Encryption of files, folders and entire disks
  • Secure USB flash drive
  • Administrative tools for corporate environment
  • 3-factor authentication
  • Extra security features (self-destroy if lost) and more

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