Welcome to a Secure Federated World

“Securing the internet, your applications and your communities through Federated Identity Management.”

G-People is a technology consultancy and software development house established in 2006.  We provide a broad range of technical services to International Corporations and Service Providers.  After years of supplying cutting edge CRM solutions and analytics GPeople began to realise how a federated internet would help enhance user satisfaction through policy managed data transfer. With this in mind G-People began a shift in focus that has taken a number of years to come to fruition. Focused on strategic business technologies and the unique needs of enterprise organizations, G-People has identified critical dependencies for new architecture, infrastructure, security and identity improvements.  We work closely with our clients to design, build and deploy effective systems and solutions aimed at optimizing the way their business works.

Initially our focus was on information management and how to assist organizations harness their content in order to develop a knowledgebase for their employees.  This requirement was quickly extended to include applications and strategies for accessing relevant information on the move, sharing knowledge and unifying communications.

More recently we have been helping our clients to realize the potential that cloud services can provide and how best to secure user access to these services through their networks.  Whilst designing and implementing Identity Management processes we have recognized the need for federation and that ultimately two factor authentication will not suffice for the long term.

As a result we have invested significant resources to develop our own suite of security and identity products to provide the flexibility and robustness to meet any requirement and fit any environment.  The G-Trust range is an extended Federated Identity Platform (FIP) that is tailored by our team of experts to exactly meet your requirements.

G-People’s consulting expertise is designed to help your organization quickly and accurately determine the right strategy for its overall identity management and security infrastructure, organizational structure and related business processes, including:

  • Identity Management / Security and Risk Management Recommended Architecture and Roadmap
  • Identity Management Strategy Assessment
  • Business Case Development
  • Business reviews to help determine your organization’s “readiness” to deploy new identity management or security technologies
  • Engineering to help deploy and tailor our platform to fit your environment or integrate with partners / third party providers
  • Project Management ensuring that projects are delivered efficiently

Contact us today to find out how G-People can help your business apply effective Identity Management strategies.

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