ID Federation for businesses

Strong Authentication for SSL VPN Access

Passwords alone are easily defeated, while One Time Password tokens are expensive and time-consuming to deploy. Now there’s a better way: strong authentication as an on-demand service.

With G-Trust not only do you get secure VPN access but you also get a whole lot more than a standard token can provide you.

  • Automatic forms filling
  • Option to select cryptographic algorithms
  • Encryption of files on computer and any other media
  • Disks encryption tool
  • Remote Connection tool
  • Support of Biometric Logon for Windows

ID Federation for Service Providers

  • Web Single Sign-on — Authenticated web users can easily move between applications within their environment or among business partners—without reauthenticating—using consistent and secure mechanisms for the exchange of identity information.
  • Attribute Service — As users move from one web site or service to another, G-Trust Federated Identity Platform allows applications or web services to capture additional attributes about that user, such as role, employee ID number or account balance. G-Trust Federated Identity Platform puts you in control of which attributes are shared between business partners and how that information is securely exchanged.
  • Account Linking — G-Trust Federated Identity Platform also enables end users to choose which accounts they want to federate to and allows end users to create the linkages between accounts themselves. This capability greatly empowers consumers and enables ease of signing on to various sites, as end users process various business transactions with a variety of organizations.

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